We create an atmosphere
that will increase the efficiency of sales and
the customer flow in your trading areas

Present your product line in a more beneficial way and stimulate sales
Accent lightning
Make each item\product of goods more desirable for the customers
"Recreational zone"
The atmosphere of comfort and cosines for the shopping
Consumer traffic
Fabricate the consumers’ behavior in your trading area
Special color filters will emphasize the attractiveness of the products for the customers
Product range
The entire range of retail lighting fixtures ELX is produced using LED-components of Osram, Philips, Seoul Semiconductor, Vossloh Schwabe.
A high quality LED components and our own original design allow to achieve outstanding results in the implementation of lighting solutions for each of our customer.
Production technique
LED production technology gives us an opportunity to reduce the costs on exploitation and electricity.
The purpose of our work is not to decrease your expenses, but to enlarge your profit.
Installation catalogue
We use the light LED lumination of different configurations.

Work with lighting: starting with the project until the start up

ELX engineers carry out a full range of work that is necessary for the appearance of the professional lighting in your trading area
01 Visiting the object. Analyzing the plan of a trading area. Figuring out the needs of the client
02 Developing the lighting project
03 Confirming and optimizing budget on equipment
04 delivery and installation of lighting systems at the clients object. Launching!

LED-based lightning

The proper lighting of the trading areas and other spaces is the key to the efficient work of the whole store. Well calculated and implemented lighting project will allow the better visual perception of the goods for the customers and it will increase the sales. Even luxurious boutique with an expensive jewellery collection will look absurd if it will have only lighting tubes under the ceiling  without any lighting accents.

Such situations always lead to the deficiency of customers. The real problem is the ignorance of the proper lighting. The choice of a professional lighting as important as the employment of the top manager for your business. We work and implement the project of a professional lighting for each retailer. Our client’s experience says: 

The high quality LED lighting is the best way to make your products more attractive for the customers

ELX specializes in realization of a professional lighting, starting from the elaboration of the project until its implementation. We use only a high quality equipment. The world wide leaders’ experience help us to create a perfect atmosphere at your store.

In particular, the diodes lighting is differs for it’s easiness in exploitation and a very high quality of luminous efficiency. Lighting is very closed to a natural daylight. Such lighting is the best for either shop window, retail floor or even trading display case. It is best for making accents on something or illuminating roomy areas.

Professional approach to lighting of a trading area

For more then 10 years we have been successfully engineering and implementing the lighting for the malls, stores and boutiques. Our work brought a great benefit to our clients and their investments were paid off promptly. Our specialists always consider the psychology of customer’s movement inside the trading area.

With the help of lighting we are helping to guide the direction of customer from the entrance and terminating at the cash register. We also will determine where the customer will pause and where he will move along faster. We discover from the client to what areas he wants a draw attention and what atmosphere should be created there.

We also analyze the location and the capacity of every luminous element and fit up the lighting for each concrete project. We consider all the specifics of a trading area, metric area, heights of a ceiling, and locations of the main and technical areas. Very important thing is that LED lighting is very economical and long term service.

Even at a constant daily use they can work from 5 to 10 years according to the number of working hours. During all this years your bills will be less in contrast to those who use the regular lighting. Such lighting is the best investment for the store. Smaller bills is a good bonus, but for us the increase of sales by using the professional lighting is a top priority.

Lumination esthetics

Location of a key object, stylistic design and lighting are very important elements for the general conception of the trading area project, that will create a favorable climate for the customer.

The main goal of our team is to present a product in a most favorable way for the customers, so it will look more valuable, disclosing the banner qualities of the offerings. Especially for this we create the unique concepts of the light settings for the window cases, trading areas, booths.

There is no universal\single scheme, it all depends on the location, products and customer desired effect on the light circuit. Just call us and LED lumination will help you to improve the success of your business!