Engineering the lighting: all you need to know at the basic stage

The 3 most important things about the lighting project

Area where we use the lighting (trading area in supermarket, exhibit hall in gallery, fitting rooms). The statutory requirements and professional equipment may very depending on a type of area.

For example, all the fitting rooms, as well as the trading areas in supermarkets must be well illuminated, in contrast to storage rooms.

If to be more specific, at the grocery section of the supermarket we use the lighting that makes the color of the fruits more intense and tasty for the clients.

The ceiling heights. The quantity and the capacity of the luminous elements will depend on the ceiling heights. Our experts calculate the quantity of luminous elements that are necessary according to the statutory requirements.

Because, for example, a very bright light as well as the low light will influence the sellers and the customers that will eventually cause the lowering of sales.

Also unnecessary increase of lighting will increase expenses on the electricity invoices. So the ceiling heights are very important.

System operability. Engineering the lighting should foresee all the possible ways of the objects arrangements at the trading area. We recommend  to install a point light (for example at the shopping arcade at the supermarkets) for the areas where the objects will have a stationary position for a long period of time.

But if the location of the objects will change, like at the clothes stores with the season arrivals of new products, then the best choice is a track lighting system.

This will help to highlight the key positions and change the interior design without compromising the quality of lighting up new items each time you change the stock and its placement.