Installation catalogue

Here are the types of equipment that we use in our work. Configuration of the characteristics is selected for each project individually.

Track lighting

As once wrote a classic - "Our impressions will never fade away if they filled up with sunlight." And to be honest - not only with the sunlight. People always pay attention and remember places and things that are well illuminated. And we are talking not only about the daylight, because now qualitative artificial lumination perfectly replaces natural light sources and greatly  emphasizes the individual elements.

As a result, the LED lighting is increasingly being used as lighting in shopping malls, stores and showrooms. It performs its primary\main function - making products more attractive and desirable for the customers. In addition, these devices consume minimal power, the light is very bright, and as a result - they reduce costs for electricity in two times. Because our specialists recommend to use track light or luminants type down light.

Perfect geometry

Today in the field of commercial lighting,  LED lighting replaced a track point light sources. And all because of it’s structural specifics. As it comes from the name, these lamps are installed on the suspension track (buss), which is often located through the entire perimeter of the illuminated room. The buss consists of a metal frame on which luminants are installed.

A big plus of the system is in it geometric shape (it can be either square, trapezoid or circle), and lamps are movable. We also use a lumination type down light system, it can perfectly highlight important objects in the room, regardless of their location.


At the same time such lumination elements aesthetically ennoble the room. Their carcass is carried out in a variety of colors (black, gray, white), which perfectly fit into the design of any room. Their functionality allows you to adjust the system to any artistic composition in the hall, emphasize and highlight the key elements and indirect ones.

Track light systems and lumination type down light leave the designers and decorators of a trade areas free rein to create the perfect interior. Lighting can improve visual perception of each element, also can place priorities on certain objects, all this creates a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect mood for shopping.

In addition, if you want to add or lower down the light,  different devices of a various capacities can be easily installed on the track without a dusty installation works.

Track LED luminants. The benefits of exploitation:

  • Multifunctional and universal in use
  • Consume little electricity and light is very bright 
  • Pleasant and safe light shine for the human eye 
  • Serve up to 50,000 hours of continuous operation\work
  • Made of heat-resistant and fireproof elements

Company ELX produces and performs the installation of a high-quality track light systems for trade areas of any size and specialization. We use only high quality details and the power capacity of the assembled luminants is perfect for a specific client’s area. We will help you to increase your sales with the help of a professional accent lighting.

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