About us

ELX LED Group specializes in creating professional commercial lighting – starting from the lighting project up to its implementation.

We use in their work only the highest quality equipment from leading manufacturers of lighting components such as OSRAM, Seoul Semiconductor, Panasonic. This partnership allows us to achieve the required technical characteristics, quality and long-term operation of the lighting equipment.

ELX provides warranty on fixtures - 5 years. Experience of the world leaders in the production of LED components helps us to create the perfect atmosphere of your store.

We have been successfully developing and implementing lighting in shopping centers, stores and boutiques for more than ten years.

The main target of our team is to present the products in the most favorable light, to focus attention on the qualities that are valuable to a potential customer, so it looked most beautiful, tasty and of high quality. Especially for this purpose each time we develop individual lighting concepts in the showcases, halls and stands. There is no single scheme; all depends on the specific location of the desired product and customer’s requirements.



- ELX provides 5 years warranty on fixtures

- More than 500 implemented projects in Food and Nonfood Retail;

- Leading Ukrainian producer of accent lighting;

-10 year of successful work;

- Complete cycle: engineering – production- installation- service