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We are regularly contacted to find complex solutions for the construction of professional lighting systems. We undertake and implement the project by starting from the idea and concluding with the installation of the last illuminator.

We’re analyzing the plan of the commercial premises\retail space and the location of all the commercial constructions. We learn from the customer about the visitor’s direction of motion at the retail space. We think over the light accents at the sale sections and stacks defining common areas. If necessary, we also make provisions in the usage of the light filters. We also elaborate and approve a project.
Delivery of equipment
For the project implementation, we use the ELX equipment, which is the best LED lighting quality of all the types. We use diodes in ELX light filters from the German worldwide leader brand Osram. We provide 5 years guarantee to all ELX products.
Installation and adjustment of the lighting are the complex operations of the whole team of specialist. Depending on the complexity and the size of the assignment, the object installation may last from one day to several months. Most often, we install lighting equipment during the repair process. At the final stage of the project, LED track lights and LED rotator lights DOWNLIGHT can be adjusted to achieve maximum lightning quality.
We carry on a warranty and post warranty services on all our objects. You always can rely on us in case of breakdowns in equipment or if any corrections should be made to the light system.